A magical and unique place where to celebrate such an important moment

The FELCARO family has been organising successful wedding banquets and receptions for many years, astounding all its customers with its extraordinary attention to every detail.
In fact, it is precisely by paying attention to every single detail that we manage to turn a simple ceremony into something special and unforgettable.
But, how do we organise a wedding banquet?


Usually the spouses themselves contact us and tell us their wedding date.
Precisely on this occasion, we try to understand the desires of future spouses, who express their opinions on the “most beautiful day of their lives”.

A strong point of FELCARO Hotel-Restaurant is the availability of different spaces and halls, able to meet the diverse needs of the spouses.

Sala rossa”, unlike the other two halls, as we will see, is particularly suitable for very intimate dinners and receptions, with a limited number of guests.
Simply decorated in pure Austro-Hungarian style, it recalls the ancient dining rooms of sumptuous country villas.
It is characterised by warm colours and an unusual layout, since it consists of a floor raised above ground level with a wooden balcony, and a “fogolar”, a fireplace that makes the hall incredibly cosy, and is decorated with old paintings.

Sala Veranda” is also called “winter garden” for its large windows, embellished with light curtains, which, in every season, let the sunlight stream into the hall, making it particularly cosy, evocative, and also very bright.
The hall offers breath-taking views of the town of Cormons in every season, but its real strength is the possibility, in the summer, to open the windows completely to create a sort of open space that includes the garden.
This is our largest room, suitable for ‘grand style’ receptions, which can comfortably accommodate around 130 people by arranging the tables around the perimeter of the room.

Sala delle Statue” is bright, linear, decorated with sculptures that emphasize its neoclassical style. Incredibly suitable for wedding banquets, it offers everything you need for a successful reception.
It can accommodate over a hundred people, with tables arranged in a horseshoe, or in separate groups, with the bride and the groom table occupying the most beautiful spot in the hall.

All the halls are equipped with heating and air conditioning systems.
Moreover, for all the halls you can choose between round and rectangular tables, and even the imperial table!
In all our halls, a space for dancing can also be created, whose size depends on the hall you will choose…
In the old hall, in fact, such space will only accommodate fifty to fifty-five people.


For your wedding banquet, you can also choose to cheer up the atmosphere with soft background music or an orchestra that will entertain your guests with pop music or romantic songs, also based on your requests.


Our cuisine is a typical Friulian and seasonal cuisine.
We offer the bride and groom the opportunity to change the menus we offer, to be discussed when we will meet the couple just before their wedding day, in order to choose dishes prepared only with fresh ingredients. In summer, the bride and the groom, together with their guests, can be welcomed on the terrace located before the hall with a rich buffet aperitif, served under the lovely and newly renovated gazebo.

Our cuisine ranges from Friulian specialties to dishes typical of Central Europe, prepared according to traditional recipes, but always reinterpreted with a touch of elegance, characterised by fine flavours and a beautiful presentation of the dishes.
Moreover, our first courses are all home-made, which guarantees the genuineness we are looking for.
Second courses are prepared with all types of meat, but, of course, our menus can also include vegetarian dishes.

The pride of our cuisine, however, is our buffetservice, offered to those who prefer a more dynamic lunch or dinner. Our offer mainly includes three types of buffet: a welcome buffet, as already mentioned, a varied and coloured sorbet buffet, and a rich dessert buffet.

Our welcome buffet includes a wide selection of drinks, including non-alcoholic drinks, with typical local appetizers.
Our sorbet buffet includes a wide selection of sorbets that can really satisfy all palates, including some sorbets invented by us and non-alcoholic sorbets for children.
The dessert buffet is definitely our flagship.
It includes delicious sweets and desserts, such as cakes, strudels, and so on, all made by us.
Also in this case, there is a focus on local tradition, but it is such a varied buffet that it can really meet all tastes.

At the end of wedding receptions, we usually present the wedding cake, which is, once again, made by us, light and digestible, yet incredibly tasty.
The banquet also includes the wines of the house and, at the end of the meal, we also serve our liqueur.


Of course, at FELCAROhotel-restaurant we do everything we can to make this special day truly unforgettable, in fact we print customised menus with a photo of the bride and the groom, if they want, and make available the most beautiful double room of the hotel, if they wish to spend the night.

We remain at your disposal for further information, and we send you our Best Wishes.