The Cellar

Hotel Felcaro


White wines, especially the color of Friulano, Pinot Grigio and Sauvignon appear soft straw-coloured with bright greenish flashes, a pleasant softness, clear and intense scents in which the flavours deriving from the vine definitely emerge from a fruity one, supported by a light almond smell.

Red wines, such as Cabernet Franc, red peduncle Refosco and Merlot distinguish themselves by their bright ruby red color.
Such a wide choice allows satisfying every need for gastronomic coupling with the traditional local cuisine, which is actually a central European one that has grown through the centuries thanks to the new Slavic, Latin and German recipes such as Cormons.
It is a perfect point of contract for its geographical position and its history.



The wine of the land of Corona which the queen of every wine.

The Amelì is a dessert wine.
It is sweet and has an intense, tannic yellow color with floreal and fruity notes, with a spiced bouquet.

The wine has a great intensity, it is typical, pleasant and elegant, structured and lightly tasty.

Ideal with typical sweets made from the Felcaro tradition.


Cili is a three-variety uvanite (Merlot, Cabernet Franc, and Cabernet Sauvignon) grown in a vineyard in Corano, in the guaranteed quality area of Isonzo.

The vineyard’s land is located on the plain and is a calcareous-like one.
It is rich in iron-aluminic compounds, permeable and porous; It is perfect for growing vines.
Maceration lasted ten days.
Maceration partially took place in new medium-clipped French-wood barrique, while the rest took place in steel tanks.
Assemblage took place in steel tanks where it remained till bottling in August.